Top 10 US Cities to Invest in Real Estate – NOW!

Top 10 US Cities to Invest in Real Estate – NOW!

ACWORTH, GA – July 12, 2011 – Author: Joan Barnes, MIRM

America’s housing market is definitely bottoming out and stabilizing …FINALLY!

Some locations are already on the way back up and beginning to appreciate in value. So, if you are thinking of investing in real estate and want the quickest path to a solid return, you will need to consider properties in the best performing housing markets.

My personal favorite area to take a strong look is the Washington to New York corridor for 2nd home or resort properties. The sheer number of people in this area along with the rock bottom prices for resort and second home properties are a winning combination for all levels of investors. There are some amazing deals that offer amazing returns. You simply just have to look and do your homework.

Many are jumping back into to investing in real estate to take advantage of this unique time in history when America ‘s housing market is at unprecedented lows. Wondering which cities are the strongest selling markets in the United States?

Here is your list as published by Daily Real Estate News:

10 Best-Performing Major Housing Markets
Ten of the highest performing major market metros are expected to improve their performance over the first half of the year, with five of the top 10 even expected to see modest gains, reports Clear Capital in its latest monthly Home Data Index.

Top Performers
The following are the highest performing major markets based on first half 2011 data (January through June) and second half forecast, according to Clear Capital.

1. Washington, D.C.-Arlington, VA.
2. New York-Long Island, N.Y.-No. New Jersey, N.J.
3. Orlando
4. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas
5. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif.
6. Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Mass.
7. Honolulu
8. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, Calif.
9. Rochester, N.Y.
10. Memphis, Tenn.

Yet, only five of these markets are expected to boast home price gains in the second half of 2011: Washington, D.C., New York, Orlando, Dallas, and San Francisco, according to Clear Capital.

Many investors are jumping back into take advantage of this unique time in history when America’s housing market is at unprecedented lows.
Source:  Daily Real Estate News, 7.11.11